Monday, October 31, 2011


So...we've been getting lots of queries about when we're actually opening, and it's really cool to know that there is already so much interest.  I don't have a firm date on our opening yet, but I am hoping that it will be around the first of December.  Everything is proceeding smoothly but we are still involved in the process of dealing with Metro Codes in fixing up the building.  While they have been helpful and cooperative so far, it's just a time-consuming process.  So...stay tuned friends.  Soon, I promise!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Logue's BLACK RAVEN EMPORIUM is an old school kind of place. Like the aged building that houses it--a former veterinary clinic that had become an institution to east Nashvillians of a former era--the Emporium itself harkens back to an older sensibility. This is because it is a business that has its own flavor, one that reflects the interests and quirks of its owners. The BLACK RAVEN carries a variety of merchandise antique and otherwise--new and vintage clothing, out of print books with a bent toward the unusual, and art by the owner and other local artists. Also to be found are movie memorabilia, jewelry and various other strange and interesting ephemera. Downstairs is the Subterranean Lounge, a dimly lit  event space for photo shoots, poetry readings and more. And connected to all this is the Cult Fiction Underground, a mini-movie theatre catering to fans of drive-in and grindhouse B movie fare. Come in and visit Logue's BLACK RAVEN EMPORIUM and the CULT FICTION UNDERGROUND now--both are sure to become East Nashville institutions for the new era!